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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Wheel of Time

After my last exam before christamas I started reading The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. A couple of friends of mine love these books, and I've read many positive comments about them on the web. I gave the books a chance for about a year ago, but I didn't manage to read more than the two first before i gave them up. So far the series count 11 books, and counting, so I guess it's a big mountain to climb, and I failed at my first try.
Things look a bit brighter now, and I have just finished book number 3. I have been told that the two first books is a bit dull, and that the story gains pace from the third book. This is kind of true, but I'm still a bit dissapointed. Sure, the story is great, the world of where it's set is enormous and well developed, and the plots are intricate, but still there is something that bugs me.

First of all, the books are quite repetitive and the story moves forward at a quite slow pace, compared to many other fantasy-series. Also the storylines can be hard to follow, seeing how there are many major characters and their journeys through the world are complicated and extensive. A third thing I find annoying is the characters' dreams. A lot of the story is told through the dreams of the major characters, sometimes in the forms of regular dreams, other times the characters moves through some sort of dreamworld, a parallel world of some sort. I have always resented this kind of dreaming chapters, no specific reason, but I just don't like them.

But the books are still worht reading I guess, and I'm gonna keep reading, at least for now. Maybe I will give it up again some time in the future, but I'm motivated to start reading book number 4 now, after a little break. It's smart to have a little variation in the reading habbits, so first I'm gonna read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell, a book I've been told is great. And it shall be made into a motion picture some time this year or the next. This is very exciting. I love films of fantasy, almost as much as I love the books. :)


Blogger Nessie said...

Hey I am a hard core fantasy/sci fi writer as well and this happens to be my favorite series. So far of the 11 I love Book 2 the great hunt the most of all.
keep writing - there should be more blogs like this!

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